About Us

An Introduction


Inform Brokerage’s success is built on a passion for dedicated service across every department. At Inform, we pride ourselves on being your informed source.

Whether you need a new product for your grill, or you are interested in creating a new menu feature, we can help.

Are you looking for representation for your company across Canada? Our reputable team, led by Craig James and Napoleon Veltri, is committed to bringing your products to life by creating opportunities across the food service, retail and c-store sectors.

Our Story


In 1980, Rosita’s Fine Foods developed a recipe acquired from an established Mexican restaurateur and rolled out a new product to the market: Mexican burritos. Burritos were not exactly a staple of the Canadian diet. With no brand recognition or advertising budget, Rosita’s co-founder Craig James drove his battered orange VW van around Vancouver, calling on pubs, corner stores and supermarkets to hand out samples of the “foreign” food with the rallying cry, “Have you had your burritos today?” From the very beginning, James demonstrated his ability to create a market where none existed.

The sale of Rosita’s to its tortilla supplier led to the formation of Inform Brokerage. One of the first projects of the new company was convincing a local Italian restaurateur to introduce his famous pasta sauces to a larger audience. Within 18 months, 100% distribution in the retail deli/meat departments and brand recognition had been achieved. Accomplishments of this nature continued over the next 16 years, creating the foundation of Inform’s success.

In early 2000, Napoleon Veltri, one of the most experienced and dynamic food service personalities in the country, became a partner with Craig James at Inform Brokerage. Together James and Veltri bring more than 45 years of senior management expertise and a unique ability to bring products to life by creating significant opportunities for each brand.

Inform Brokerage Events

Incredible Edible Open & Food For Thought

Each year principals and customers alike highly anticipate our annual event. At Inform, we believe bringing together our principals and customers in a fun-filled, relaxed environment provides invaluable opportunities to nurture key relationships and showcase products.

At Inform we know food: prepare, present, market, and sell.

We also know how to host a great event!

Incredible Open