Sales Management

Knowledge is one of the most important components of Sales Management. Sales Management provides consistent focus on priorities. Our sales team is trained in all levels of sales from product knowledge and presentation to computer skills, providing a dependable supply of information to the Brand Management team and our principals.


We utilize a fully integrated web-based order entry, inventory, and accounting software package. We can offer your breakdowns by customer, territory, and market segment, and create a database. The sales team all use laptops to download information daily, allowing us to provide activities by sales rep.


The goal is positive annual growth of revenue in your budget. To help achieve that goal, we are constantly interpreting data.


We can analyze sales calls on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Broken down into types of calls by operator class. We compare actual vs. targeted calls, and we track cumulative sales vs. budget.

Administrative Management

Our accounting and records are consolidated in one central office so that our administration team can provide up-to-the-minute information and fulfill customer service needs efficiently. Among the many services provided by our support group are:

  • Re-invoicing/collections
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Inventory control
  • Price list implementation and redistribution
  • Canadian customs clearance
  • Canadian label approvals/translation services
  • Agriculture Canada inspection services
  • North America freight logistics
  • Buy–Sell/currency management
  • Customer service issues relating to order tracking and follow-up.

Principal/Brand Management

The mission of the Brand Management team is to provide ongoing liaison between you and our sales team through:

  • Increasing sales in dollars and cases
  • Building strong relationships between our principals and Inform
  • Coordinating market visits by territory
  • Managing and distributing
  • Point of sale
  • Menu development
  • Applications
  • Product specifications
  • Website
  • Programs
  • Competitive information
  • Coordinating special projects (e.g. new line launches and tradeshows)
  • Reviewing sales rep downloaded data
  • Reviewing and processing sample requests
  • Following up on all principal leads
  • Following up on customer complaints directed to principal
  • Investigating/processing debits
  • Hosting external events to bring our principals closer to our customers